CMA Baccega started up in 1984 as a workshop and small metalwork producer, soon standing out for the ability to comply with the customers’ projects and to turn them into finished products.
To keep up to date, the company’s equipment and staff have been evolving in order to ensure the best technology and quality.

The abilities of our talented team of technicians and metal workers, and the long-lasting trust of our customers enabled us to move to our current location, which is larger and best fits our needs. In the new premises we have been in a position to expand our metalwork, at first with the installation of three flat metal sheet laser-cutting machines, followed by two tube and open profiles cutting machines. Besides these machines which represent our core business, over the years our machinery park has been widened by the introduction of mills, press brakes, shearing machines, grills, cutters, drills, lathes and seal presses, making CMA Baccega able to cope with the requests of an increasingly diversified range of customers.

In the last thirty years CMA Baccega has been specialising in project development and in the production of special metal items according to customer drawing, with industrial applications in different sectors, from simple to complicated or ready for use, manufacturing its own mechanical parts and light and heavy structural works.